Oct 15

Why your website should go mobile


Did you know that 50% of global mobile device users are accessing the internet via their mobile? That translates into 1.2 billion users

Almost 30% of all emails are opened on mobile phones. People don’t wait to read emails on their PC’s at home anymore.

Those are staggering numbers but they are real and if you weren’t sure whether you should make your site responsive or not, this data should push you off the fence. Making your site responsive means that your website will automatically detect if the browser is using a mobile device (smartphone or tablet) and adapt appropriately, so the site visitor will be able to clearly see and read your website without having to squint. You make their visit easy and pleasant, people will stay and browse, maybe even buy!

Check out this 2013 Infographic by www.supermonitoring.com, they did a great job visualizing the data.