Sep 30

What do a packrat, perfectionist and procrastinator have in common?

They don’t get much done! That’s right!
If any of these descriptions apply to you, here are some reasons why you should dump this behavior and finally get some things done.  Just in time for Fall Cleaning!  (Source: Get Organized Now!)


  1. packing_casesHealth hazzard- a cluttered home/office is difficult to clean, so dust and allergens can only multiply. Move some of the clutter out so it will be easier to keep your rooms clean.
  2. Safe? – chance of tripping over or walking into clutter occupying the floor. You should be able to walk freely through the rooms in the dark.
  3. Aestetics – owning too many collectibles results in keeping them boxed, or putting them all on display which makes for a cluttered look. Better to keep them in storage and rotate fewer items on display.
  4. Make it fun – invite others to join you in the decluttering process and share if you don’t do it together. You’d be surprised how stimulating it can be.
  5.  It’s a project! – don’t be intimidated by all the clutter; break the project down in smaller pieces by tossing five items a day for a month. Do the math!


  1. newtonDeclutter the right way – don’t look for the right way to get started, just get started! If one technique or style does not work, try something else. 
  2. Finish all at once – don’t expect to finish all at once; that’s simply too overwhelming and boring. Go through one drawer at a time or just plan 15 minutes each day.
  3. Get it right – maybe not the first time, but keep room for improvement as you go. Who is looking over your shoulder?
  4. Be perfect? – Nobody is, nothing is, why should you put the stress on yourself? Give yourself a break.


  1. calendar_deskBusybody – keep moving stuff around so you don’t have to decide YET.  This only takes time away from doing things you would enjoy more. Tackle one box at a time.
  2. Tomorrow, next week – will never come because you will find other things to do. Put it on your calendar or take it off your list! Be honest to yourself!
  3. Find out why? – Once you know why you are procrastinating, you can tackle the obstacles, one by one, day by day.
  4. Get nudged – tell a friend and ask him/her to nag, nudge and cheer you on as you plough through the clutter. The end will be near soon!

Need tools and tips to get organized? Don’t be afraid to get help.

Here’s a product I have used and highly recommend to anyone who wants to get a grip on their clutter, before hiring a professional organizer.


Your phone is ringing, your email inbox is bursting, your
To File tray is spilling onto the floor. You can’t find the
paper you’re looking for. Your To Do list is already so
long, and growing by the second. You can never leave work
on time, you’re missing deadlines and you’re up to your
eyeballs in work. As they say, somethings gotta give!

Are you ready to get organized at the office? Just do it,  Get Organized Now!


  1. liz

    My sister calls my room “Pompeya” (Pompeii in Spanish). She says you have to be an archeologist to dig through the piles of paper, but somehow I know where everything is. 🙂

  2. Debbie

    I know exactly what you mean Liz!

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