May 15

Website or blog?

You are ready to start or promote your business online, but not sure if you should go with a website, a blog or both. Does that sound familiar? It’s a question many people ask themselves and not knowing the difference does not help to make a decision.

Simply put, a website is a collection of web pages located on a server that provides access to the internet.

A blog is also a collection of web pages on a server but the main difference is that it has a diary or journal type format.

To create a website, a designer either hand-codes the pages or uses editing tools like Dreamweaver, Frontpage, WebPlus, etc. on their own computer. Any changes to the website will have to be done with the software before it can be uploaded to the server/internet.

Blogs are created (online) with a blogging platform such as WordPress, TypePad, etc., usually with direct internet access. WordPress can also be downloaded to your computer, but it is much easier online, because you can access your blog from any computer with an internet connection.

Because of the ease and flexibility to edit or add content to a blog the site becomes dynamic, depending on the frequency of entries. This is a feature that the search engines really like and may help push your site to the top pages of search results. So blogs are good for people who want to continually add new information (stories, updates, recommendations, opinions, photographs, etc.) to their site.

On the other hand, if you only need an online presence for users to find basic information about your business, including your location and contact information, then all you need is a static website. Such sites are also called ‘brochure’ websites, with the advantage that you can have much more information on your website than you can possibly print on a brochure.

Another difference between a website and a blog is the language or tone of voice. A blog is much more personal, reflecting someone’s personal voice and style, while a website is usually more serious and business-like because it represents a company or products.

What if you need a website for your business but also like to provide regular updates? That would be the best of both worlds right? Fortunately it is possible! There are several ways to accomplish this. You can have a static website with an integrated blog, or you can have a blog with static pages like this one. This will require some design tweaking and editing skills but we’re here to help you.

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