Sep 12

Using your camera as a tool?

pliersNow that’s weird! How can you use your camera as a tool, besides catching some great or not-so-great pictures?

Actually, it is possible and I found some brilliant ideas to use that camera for more than picture snapping. Instead of a regular camera, mobilecamerayou can also use your camera phone, which is handier because there is a better chance you have that on you all the time.

Here are my favorite camera tool tips:

  1. Virtual printer? Take a photo of directions, confirmation numbers or emails on your computer screen if you don’t have access to a printer. You’ll be saving some paper too.
  2. Information storage. Handy medium to store details on i.e. your printer model and cartridge or toner numbers. Digital information is easier to find than paper information (if you name it properly).
  3. Record numbers. Faster than writing down a phone number you see on the side of the road is taking its picture  to call later. I don’t recommend to do this while driving 🙂  
  4. Track your steps. Taking something apart but don’t want to forget any screws? Take pictures of each step so you know how to put the item back together.
  5. Parking spot. Have you ever had to look for your car and couldn’t remember where you parked? In stead of writing down the information, just snap a shot of the parking number.
  6. Instant shopping list. Instead of writing down the ingredients, take a picture of the recipe page to buy your groceries and look it up while in the store.
  7. grocerylist

  8. For evidence. It helps to show details of the situation or result after an accident occurred. May make it easier to process your insurance claim.
  9. caraccident

  10. Your visual wish list. A visual of a book or item you liked at your friends house will help you remember the details of what it was that you wanted to buy again.



There are tons of ways to use your camera as a tool. To see more, follow the link to Photojojo’s 12 Ways to Use Your Camera as a Tool.


    • Misgun Derso on September 12, 2009 at 4:20 pm

    I never taught that a camera could do all of those things, whats amazing is that you don’t see people considering a cameras as a tool. According to this article your camera can be an amazing tool to make life easier. I also think there are more things that we can do with cameras as the technology is constantly moving up.

    • Debbie on September 13, 2009 at 9:56 pm

    It’s really neat what you can do with a camera. Thanks for commenting.

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