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How we work

Don’t like surprises and want to know in advance what you are signing up for?

This page shows my clients what to expect and find out if they would like to work with me.


Blog & Web services:

  1. Websites are created with WordPress
  2. Choose to have a blog or blog site
  3. Book a free 30-minute consultation (see button below)
  4. Complete the Client website questionnaire here
  5. Place your site creation order here
  6. Purchase a domain & hosting (assistance available)
  7. Email me the admin details of your domain & webhosting account
  8. Choose a free or paid template for your site
  9. Send me the content and images for your web site
  10. Follow development of your site online

Note: By purchasing through the affiliate links above I may earn a commission.

Translation & Language services:

  1. Submit details of your project to request a free quote here
  2. I will review your service request and send a proposal
  3. Upon mutual agreement we will start your project
  4. Depending on the project, 50% may be due in advance and the remainder at completion
  5. Choose to receive regular updates or contact me at your convenience
  6. Submit your request now and we will take care of your project!

Note: To ensure accurate translations, proofreading is performed by experienced, native speakers.

Virtual Assistant services:

  1. Review available services
  2. Book a free 30-minute consultation to discuss your project
  3. Choose a product or discounted package and make your payment here 
  4. We will start the project once payment is confirmed
  5. Expect regular communications to keep up to date.


Still have questions? Let me know here.


Click on the button below to set up a free 30-minute consultation: