Dec 31

Planning for next year

As 2011 comes to a close, many of us have been working on our plans for next year, setting goals to achieve more success than 2011, be it professionally or personally.

Some of the goals may be transferred from the old into the new year, because for some reason they were not accomplished. Life happens, so don’t be hard on yourself. Instead of seeing the incomplete goals as failures, make a list of your accomplishments, because yes, there must be some things you did right, even if they were not on your list!

You can do this twice a year (every 6 months) to break it down a little and make this task less daunting, but also not to forget anything. When you look at that list, you should feel proud of yourself and use it as a booster to encourage yourself to set new goals (next to the ‘old’ ones) for the following year.

This year, I wrote my list in the car during my vacation in Florida using a mindmap and it’s amazing how quickly it was done. I feel great, now that I know what I want to accomplish in 2012. I also know that new goals will be added along the way, but that’s okay. As a business owner you should be flexible  🙂

One of my plans is to gain more experience with social media (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin) and how to use it for marketing purposes. Newsletter marketing is another item on my list. Why do this? Because I’m a lifelong learner, I want to know how things work, and I want to become an expert so I can better assist my clients.

Have you set your goals yet? If not, don’t worry and don’t stress yourself out. You can still do this! It’s more important to have a list of goals any time of the year and know what you want, than to stress about not having one by January 1st.

On New Year’s Eve, I’m toasting to your and my success in 2012!