Oct 18

Free WordPress Smart YouTube video plugin

Last month I was searching for a decent, free WordPress video plugin and I can tell you, it was NOT easy. There are a lot of free plugins available, but they are complicated or have little to zero support. Well, what can you expect for something that’s free right?

I don’t mind paying for a tool, but I’d like to try it out first to make sure it has everything I need. After days of searching, installing, testing and uninstalling various plugins, I finally found a fairly simple plugin for my client to embed YouTube videos on her site.

The Smart YouTube Pro plugin was the best option of many and here’s why.

  1. Very easy to use. Just copy and paste the link as text in your post, add the letter ‘v’ after ‘http’ and your video is good to go.
  2. Plays back YouTube, Vimeo and other videos
  3. Works on the iPhone and iPad
  4. Small and fast
  5. Customizable options, such as size, background color
  6. Video thumbnail support
  7. Downloaded more than 1 million times
  8. Clear instructions and great support for a free product. (Donations possible)

You can download the Smart YouTube Pro plugin right here.

Sample video:

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