Feb 18

Feeling stuck? Use Idea Mapping!

In November last year I attended a virtual assistant course where I met Tara Kachaturoff, who hosted and produced the Michigan Entrepreneur, a weekly television talk show. That’s how I found out about idea mapping and I was so intrigued by the subject that I decided to try it out. After all, if successful executives used the technique it had to be good right?

You can use it to get ideas, plan events, create todo lists, anything that makes your creative juices flow. So I tried it out when planning our Thanksgiving dinner last year. It would be dinner for 20 and those of you who have cooked big dinners before, know how “easy” it is to forget something, anything! There was always something that was either missing or showing up after the dinner. NOT this time! From appetizers to desserts, I didn’t miss anything and I absolutely loved this idea mapping!

The month December is for most people the busiest time of the year and I am no exception, with 13 birthdays, parties, dinner invitations and family gatherings, I just feel like going in hiding during the entire month. But this time I was going to try my secret weapon again and I used mind mapping for Christmas and New Year’s Eve dinners, holiday shopping, and trip planning. I am currently even using it for business planning and further development of my virtual assistant business. You can litterally use it for anything and it is such a great tool that I would highly recommend to anyone who feels stuck, overwhelmed or is in a creative dip.

To learn more about this technique I am currently reading Jamie Nast’s book Idea Mapping and with all it’s “blooms” and “flows” it is easy to read and follow instructions to learn the proper use of idea mapping. Above all, Jamie teaches us to have fun while activating the brains and guide our ideas.

Buy the book here : Idea Mapping: How to Access Your Hidden Brain Power, Learn Faster, Remember More, and Achieve Success in Business

Thanks Tara, for bringing this to my attention. I’m sure glad I met you!

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    • liz on March 18, 2009 at 6:52 pm

    This is pretty cool and I like how you used it on your food blog to create a recipe. This technique can be applied to writing an article (on any subject) or to plan and organize a number of ideas.

    thanks for sharing!

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