Frequently Asked Questions

What is a virtual assistant (VA)?
VAs are micro business owners who provide administrative support and work in long-term relationships with a few clients. Using phone, fax and email, VAs support their clients from their own office without having to use clients’ office space and equipment. Services may include communicating with customers, scheduling meetings, arranging travel, managing web sites, proofreading & editing, keeping the books, typing manuscripts, and more.

What are the benefits of working with ADF International?
You will receiving affordable but quality Website, Language and Virtual Assistant services, suitable for micro and small business owners.

Core benefits:

  • A much needed website to promote your business
  • Look professional with accurate content, including translations
  • Be organized for international travel or meetings
  • Learn to manage your site or speak another language
  • Keep expenses under control with affordable service and no overhead
  • Time to focus on what you do best, grow your business and increase your revenues
  • WIN-WIN partnership!

Why do I need a website?
A website is one of the most economical ways to promote your business to a worldwide audience without limitations of time and locale.

How can a website be a marketing tool?
Your website can function as an online brochure (no printing costs), giving people anywhere and anytime instant access to your company and contact  information. Adding a blog for news updates makes your site more dynamic, which in turn helps improve your search engine rankings.

What do I need to get a website?
A domain name and webhosting, plus our webservices. Your site  will be ready in 4 weeks or less.

What is the Starter package?
If you need a simple site with an About and Contact page, the Starter package is for you. Take advantage of the low price of $175, available with webhosting through this Bluehost affiliate link. The reason we can keep the cost of this basic web package low, is that we earn a (one-time) commission when you buy hosting through our link. 

You can also get a blog installed for $50 with hosting purchased through the same Bluehost link. 

Note that you receive one domain name free with Bluehost webhosting.

Can I manage my own site?
Yes, you can update your own site. We use WordPress which is very easy to learn and you can get resources or tutoring from us to learn the basics.

Why do I need site maintenance?
Site maintenance is necessary to protect your site from breakdowns and break-ins by regularly updating plugins or site templates. You can do this yourself if you are familiar with WordPress or let us take care of this pesky task.

What is a certified translator?
A certified translator has completed a formal (university) program of education and received a certificate of translation upon passing the required examination.

What is the difference between a translation and interpretation?
Translation transfers written text from one language into another.

Interpretation is translation of verbal language and occurs immediately in simultaneous or consecutive form.

What is localization?
Localization is the translation of a website or program into the target language of the intended audience or market.

Do you charge extra for rush jobs?
Yes, because rush jobs take us away from other projects we’re working on and we have to put in extra hours to finish rush projects quicker. It’s like working overtime.

 Why is the final bill for translations more/less than the quote I received?
A quote is an estimate based on the source text, while the final bill is based on the wordcount of an actual translation. Some languages require more or less words for proper translation.

Do you have a privacy policy?
Yes, our policy serves to protect the site user’s privacy, promising not to sell or publish information collected through online registration or order placement without their permission.

Can’t find the information you need?
Check the Glossary page, or send me an email and I will contact you within 24 hours.

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