Jul 05

Creative uses of the all familiar binderclips

Who says you only have to use binderclips for paper, or in the office?

The other day I opened a bag of peanuts at my desk, wondering how I was going to keep it fresh. All my other chips clips were in use and there was no way I’d be able to finish one pound of spicy peanuts in one sitting. Then my eyes fell on the small binderclip on my desk … It was the perfect clip because unlike the plastic clips, this would not loose its grip or break apart.

My second nontraditional use of the binderclip: using the baby clip to keep my ipod earphones neatly organized. Having to untangle those cords every time, was enough to keep me from using the ipod frequently. Besides, I like to preserve my devices as long as I can and this prevents unnecessary wear and tear.

Funny how I bumped into this site, listing nine great uses for binderclips. I’m all for efficiency and multifunctional items and I thought these were great ideas.

My favorite was the “cable catcher”, because it solved the problem of cables slipping of the desk when I unplug my laptop. No more crawling under or behind the desk to catch the cables. Genius! (Of course I could be using my docking station …)

The runner up for me was using a clip to keep hanging folders from sliding. Don’t we all have that problem? If the file drawer is too full, you can’t get your files out. If there aren’t enough files in it, the hangfiles either disappear to the back of the drawer, or they simply fall off the rails. Perfect solution!

To see all nine tips and more posted by readers, check out this link.