Mar 18

Change is good

November 2008? I can hardly believe it myself!

That’s how long it has been since I wrote my last post on this site. I have been walking around with plans and topics to write about, all in my head.  December holidays, New Years resolutions, increasing productivity (needed that one myself), financial crisis, layoffs, …  Wow! I didn’t realize it, but my topics were unconsiously going in a downward spiral, no wonder I couldn’t find inspiration to write! But here I am, full of good intentions to improve this site.

A lot of things happened these past couple of months and being up close to people who were laid off (some happy, some sad), others who lost almost everything they had, or needed to undergo surgery, all made me realize that life is really too short to waste time. Well, I did some of that partly due to being in shock, but I can’t say that I really wasted time.

About a year ago I found my technical soulmate and we’ve both been on a educational rollercoaster. Together we dived deep into the world of blogging, learning all kinds of tricks to enhance our blogs, find topics, get inspired, and there is still so much more.  To see what we’ve been doing, you can go to my friend’s site or my foodblog at Feel free to leave a comment to let us know what you think.

After experimenting with the foodblog, I have decided that I’m ready to have a makeover on this site. Yes, this site will undergo some changes, but not to worry, they say that “change is good” and I’m am ready for that. So notepad, colored pens and mindmaps will be my tools in the next couple of days.

I cannot change the current financial crisis, but I can change myself, my site and my outlook. That’s what I’m going for!

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