Nov 30

Change is constant

In my college philosophy class I learned that the only thing that is constant, is CHANGE…

Well, there you have it! Another change for ADF International. I changed the look and functionality of the site to make our visitor’s browsing experience more pleasant, and hope to have achieved that objective too.

Besides a whole new look, we decided to be more of an expert in the things we really like to do and are good at, instead of being everything to everyone. Yes, this is well-known advise, but it still took a while to accept and implement it.

So what’s new? There is currently more focus on providing web and blogsite services (mainly using WordPress), with language and virtual assistant services next. Future plans include helping clients with their social media needs, so they can maximize the online marketing options that exist nowadays.

Yes, we are not the only ones who had to change, but anyone who wants to compete in the current online world will have to step it up a little, to stand out more.  We hope you like the new look and how we streamlined our services. Leave a comment to let us know how we are doing 🙂