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Mar 19

Help, my site shows “500 internal server error”!

What can be worse than having an online business and the site being down? You feel the panic rising in your throat, because 1) it looks really bad, 2) you may be loosing potential customers and money, and 3) how the heck do you fix this SOON! First of all, take a deep breath. Things …

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Dec 31

Planning for next year

As 2011 comes to a close, many of us have been working on our plans for next year, setting goals to achieve more success than 2011, be it professionally or personally. Some of the goals may be transferred from the old into the new year, because for some reason they were not accomplished. Life happens, …

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Nov 30

Change is constant

In my college philosophy class I learned that the only thing that is constant, is CHANGE… Well, there you have it! Another change for ADF International. I changed the look and functionality of the site to make our visitor’s browsing experience more pleasant, and hope to have achieved that objective too. Besides a whole new look, …

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Feb 17

Two cool, small business online time tracking tools


Over the years I have tried several tools to track my time when working on freelance projects. It’s by trial and error that I figured out what I really needed for my type of business. Small businesses want efficient, but economical tools and with the Internet the options are almost endless. At first was okay to …

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Jan 26

Moving files from old to new laptop

After all the energy involved in buying a new laptop, the next chore was waiting for me… personalizing the new computer, moving files & programs,  cleaning up the old one (to be used as a back up in my husband’s office). I did some research on the Internet and found a lot of outdated tips written …

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