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Sep 12

Using your camera as a tool?

Now that’s weird! How can you use your camera as a tool, besides catching some great or not-so-great pictures? Actually, it is possible and I found some brilliant ideas to use that camera for more than picture snapping. Instead of a regular camera, you can also use your camera phone, which is handier because there is …

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Jul 05

Creative uses of the all familiar binderclips

Who says you only have to use binderclips for paper, or in the office? The other day I opened a bag of peanuts at my desk, wondering how I was going to keep it fresh. All my other chips clips were in use and there was no way I’d be able to finish one pound …

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Jun 25

Five quick marketing ideas

As a good businessman or -woman, you know that continuous sales or jobs are a must to keep your business alive. But what can you do to minimize the unavoidable dips every business experiences in these tough economic times? Here a list of five quick, simple marketing ideas that could lead to more projects or …

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May 15

Website or blog?

You are ready to start or promote your business online, but not sure if you should go with a website, a blog or both. Does that sound familiar? It’s a question many people ask themselves and not knowing the difference does not help to make a decision. Simply put, a website is a collection of …

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Mar 28

Ever proofread a translation?

According to Wikipedia proofreading traditionally means reading a proof copy of a text in order to detect and correct any errors. Before a text is published it should be free of errors in spelling, grammar, punctuation, context and syntax. Why? Because any text with errors will turn the reader away! Whether it’s a book, article, …

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