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Apr 05

Filing Tips for Efficient Paper Management

alphabetic files

I have to admit, filing is not one of my strongest suits. However, after attending several workshops I was able to set up a filing system that helps me to find what I need, when I need it, fast! Before I could start the system I had to figure out what I wanted to keep …

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Nov 12

Top Five Do’s and Don’ts for your online business

  You want to have a website for your business, but with all that’s offered you are not sure what is important for your site. This mainly depends on your type of business and the purpose of your site, but here are some Do’s and Don’ts to get you started. Remember that it is your …

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Oct 26

Difference between Spain and Latin America Spanish

The biggest difference between Spain and Latin America Spanish is in Pronunciation. More than 90 percent of the lexicon is the same in Spain and in Latin America and the differences are well known by most Spanish speakers.

Oct 15

Marketing Information Products

Having recently completed the process of creating a couple of eBooks and setting up automated sales processes by integrating E-junkie with Paypal, I’d like to share some of the lessons I learned from the experience.

Sep 30

What do a packrat, perfectionist and procrastinator have in common?

They don’t get much done! That’s right! If any of these descriptions apply to you, here are some reasons why you should dump this behavior and finally get some things done.  Just in time for Fall Cleaning!  (Source: Get Organized Now!) Packrats: Health hazzard- a cluttered home/office is difficult to clean, so dust and allergens can only …

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