Jul 02

Balancing professional and personal happiness

How do you find a balance between the things you want to do, can do well, and get paid for? It’s not easy when none of these things have anything to do with each other. For example, Ana is a good event planner who loves to dance, but works as a bank clerk. Ana would probably find more happiness in her professional and personal life if somehow she could find a way to balance and blend these.

Doing something that pays well, but bores you to death or sucks the life out of you, is not anyone’s best bet to happiness. But how are you going to pay the bills if you do something you love and no one wants to pay for? You have got find something that brings it all together.

So when I came across the Venn diagram a couple of days ago, I thought it was an excellent visual tool to figure this out.
It’s a simple diagram that says a lot; my kind of stuff!

Venn Diagram

Venn Diagram

Some people already know what they really want to do, what they do well and what they can get paid for, but I bet the majority doesn’t.

So if you’re not in the first category, you should probably figure out:
1. what makes you happy
2. what you are really good at
3. ways to earn a living
4. how to blend at least two of the above to earn a decent living.

One of the most important things Bud Caddell mentions in his post, is that ‘Mediocrity is not a sustainable strategy.’ When you find that something you want to do and get paid for, but are not very good at, make sure you become the best at it. That right there will be part of your success story.

Go ahead, create your own diagram to get clarity and set your path to professional and personal happiness!