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Jan 29

Boosting your productivity with Pomodoro

I’ve heard it said so many times before, but didn’t believe it until I had to use this technique. The Pomodoro work style! You’re thinking, what does Italian cooking have to do with productivity, unless you’re trying to get dinner on the table? (Pomodori is Italian for tomatoes) The Pomodoro Technique is a time management method developed by …

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Oct 18

Free WordPress Smart YouTube video plugin

Last month I was searching for a decent, free WordPress video plugin and I can tell you, it was NOT easy. There are a lot of free plugins available, but they are complicated or have little to zero support. Well, what can you expect for something that’s free right? I don’t mind paying for a …

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Aug 10

A busy bee

While it’s been quiet on this blog for a while, it was by no means a sign of inactivity in life and business. I never understood how some people can say that they’re bored because there is “nothing” to do… I wished I could use their time for all the projects I’d like to finish …

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Mar 19

Help, my site shows “500 internal server error”!

What can be worse than having an online business and the site being down? You feel the panic rising in your throat, because 1) it looks really bad, 2) you may be loosing potential customers and money, and 3) how the heck do you fix this SOON! First of all, take a deep breath. Things …

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